Spirit Week Spotlight

Spirit Week Spotlight

What do the following have in common? 

1.  Sliding down a 60 ft. groomed ski hill and skimming across a pond of water.

2.  Running 400 meters trying your best to pass that slender, speedy student just ahead of you.

3.  Rocking out with former classmates to the best of the Beatles.

4.  Racing your spouse and students to the top of the climbing wall as part of Family Day activities.

These are just a few examples of activities alumni have enjoyed with students during our most recent Spirit Weeks, which are held once each semester– winter, summer, and fall.

Each year more and more alumni are returning to campus to participate in Spirit Week activities. Many enjoyed the first annual Family Day at BYU–Idaho held in July. The mid-day Spirit Fest was held in the stadium with food and a host of activities. Evening events included wagon rides, a Battle of the Bands, and a Lip Sync show. Some other recent Spirit Week alumni highlights include:

• A tenth place (out of 25 teams) finish in summer’s 30-lap relay race.

• A first inning, over-the-fence home run by Jim Hirrlinger ’01 during the second annual alumni vs. students softball game.

• Group pictures with a vintage 1966 baby blue Cadillac convertible as part of the annual Together Again alumni dinner and dance. 

A special reunion for Art and Communications alumni held in the newly dedicated Spori Building. 

• Members of the Alumni Council participating in the torch lighting, parade, and fireworks show. 

We personally invite all alumni, parents, and friends to join the BYU–Idaho students and the Alumni Association for future Spirit Week activities