SPRING SUMMIT 2003 - From the Mailbag


From the Mailbag

Comments on Education Week
Thanks for all that you did with Education Week. It was a privilege to attend. The participants were meek and humble souls who seemed eager to learn. I enjoyed them immensely. The hosting staff was the best I have ever dealt with. They were so conscientious and careful. It was a highlight experience for the summer, and you are to be commended for your efforts.
     Glenn Rawson, presenter

I met wonderful people and had some unforgettable experiences. This is something I would highly recommend to any of my colleagues or friends. I love the atmosphere on campus, the helpfulness of all (including students), the outstanding cafeteria service and quality of food, and all else that’s part of the three days.
     Mary Ellen Edmunds, presenter

Thank you for the time and efforts put into bringing the Education Week to us. The spirit of the campus is incredible.
     Cindy Karlson, participant

Great week!… My only suggestion is to keep up the good work, and I look forward to next year.
       Carol Gneiting, participant

Family Tradition

My father attended Ricks College. I have four brothers. Each of us five children attended and graduated from Ricks College (and all but one of our spouses). Now the third generation is loving BYU–Idaho. Presently, in this current semester between my brothers and I, we have eight of our children attending BYU–Idaho. Four of our other children have already graduated from BYU–Idaho, and one is on a mission after attending one semester. This is something we are all really proud of!
     Marilyn Walker ’80
     Rexburg, Idaho

Applause for the Performance
Last night I attended the [Collegiate Singers/Vocal Union] performance in the Salt Lake Conference Center. I was deeply moved, and my spirit was refreshed. Thank you for such a wonderful evening for me and my 10-year-old son.
     As I watched those young college co-eds perform, my heart was full of love for the restoration of the gospel. These young people sang so wonderfully vibrant and bright especially their praises to the Lord. I could not help but be filled with joy, joy for the gospel which fills them with light, joy for their determination to stand for truth and light.
     In a world where most college co-eds are delving into all sorts of horrific things, I was refreshed and renewed by this performance. It is hard to explain the feelings I carry....
     May our Father in Heaven pour out his choicest blessings upon each of those young people as they continue to serve.
     Bonnie Bell
     West Bountiful, Utah

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