FALL SUMMIT 2003 - From the Mailbag

From the Mailbag


The One Who Gives

The [Spring 2003] article on Liz Jacobson is absolutely true in every way. However, the author could also have added that in her personal life Liz is the “one who gives.” She is one of the most giving, unselfish women I know. For example, for a long time Liz went over every night after work to help a homebound woman. The women in her ward could tell you many more examples of her absolute generous and giving spirit. She is one of those women who makes a difference in people’s lives. She does so happily, easily, and always with the smile on her face that was captured in your photo. I salute this article for a remarkable and outstanding woman who lives how she believes.… Liz, you teach us all!

     Loni Gee Hackworth ’64
Rexburg, Idaho

A Ricks College Foundation

I absolutely enjoyed Ricks College; it was a foundation building experience that set me up for success both spiritually and academically. The professors and church leaders I had were incredible. They truly loved their students, and it showed. I have since been blessed to serve a full-time mission, marry in the temple and have an eternal family of three darling (most of the time) kids and a wonderful companion. What a great blessing. While at Ricks, I was fortunate to participate in athletics and Showtime Company—two great life-building experiences. Now I am serving in our great Army as a company commander of the Chemical Captains Career Course and Additional Skill Identifier Courses. The foundation built at Ricks has always been with me since. To me it is a very special and neat spirit.

     Larry Allison ’94
Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

Folk Dance USA Tour

Cast journal entry following a service performance at a drug and behavioral treatment center for youth in North Salt Lake.

The performance was not the best part. The most awesome part was talking with the youth afterwards. Being able to hear about their experiences and their longing to become better people was such a testimony builder for me. I was amazed at how many of the youth wanted to share their experiences and thank us for the example and hope that we gave them. It totally reminded me of what President Bednar said to us in his remarks before we left about how people will not remember our dances and how we performed, but they will remember how we made them feel. It was awesome to see and feel of that.… There was a special feeling in the room and it was obvious that there is something very special about those kids.

     Trista Morgan, Folk Dance USA 
Sweet, Idaho

A Tour Sponsor’s Insight

We were very pleased to have Folk Dance USA perform in Topeka. The dancers and musicians put on a great show, and the audience was very enthusiastic. The group gave two school assemblies. Later, nearly 1,000 people—more than 60 percent of whom were not Latter-day Saints—watched their evening performance. It was sponsored by the Latter-day Saint Student Association at Washburn University as a fund-raiser for two local agencies that serve the poor in our area. Because of the large attendance, the benefit performance netted over $7,000 for the two helping agencies. We thank BYU–Idaho for allowing Folk Dance USA to come to Topeka.

     Dennis H. Karpowitz 
President of Topeka Kansas Stak

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