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Neil Kuinz
Bruce and Debi Nyborg
Seth and Jennifer Cannon
Allan and Trina Landon
Reed and Elizabeth Moss
Arlo and Norma Trost
Diana Wilson
Grant Campbell
Arthur and Faunetta Reynolds

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Welcome from Alumni Association President, Neil Kunz

It is an honor to serve as the Alumni Council president for 2003-04. The more aware I become of the great things happening at BYU–Idaho, the more thrilled I am to be a part of it in any way I can. My experience as a campus bishop has provided me with unique insight into the blessings this university brings into the lives of all who are involved. I have witnessed the great things that are now taking place during summer semesters, the multi-functional use of the beautiful new facilities, and the breadth of the activities program.
The ever-growing internship program is truly a commodity. Incredible collaboration is taking place between the university wards and the school to provide meaningful internships for students. I am enthusiastic about the future and where we are going. I look forward to serving you during this school year. May you experience the great blessings of staying connected to the BYU–Idaho/Ricks College Alumni Association.

     Neil Kunz ’61

 Alumni Association President-elect

Bruce Nyborg ’79 of Sugar City, Idaho, has accepted the call as president-elect for the BYU–Idaho/Ricks College Alumni Council. His term will commence at the spring 2004 graduation banquet. Bruce and his wife Debi ’76 serve on the Alumni Council and have assisted with the reunion committee for the past two years.

 New Members of the Alumni Council

Allan ’93 and Trina Billman Landon ’94 of Idaho Falls, Idaho, along with Seth ’92 and Jennifer McDonough Cannon ’91 of Shelley, Idaho, are the newest members of the Alumni Council. The Alumni Council serves as an advisory board to the Alumni Association. Council members meet monthly to plan reunions, alumni awards, the Summit Magazine, and other activities. The Landons and the Cannons were warmly welcomed to the Alumni Council, and all involved look forward to serving together.

Alumni and Friends Team Has a New Home

Much of campus is under construction. The new Health Center is well under way, and the Thomas E. Ricks Building is rising up from the ground. There are preliminary plans for a significant expansion of the Manwaring Center. The Alumni and Annual Giving offices are being considered in the expansion for a new Alumni and Friends Center. However, if approved, the new center is still three to four years away. In the meantime, the offices, including a new telefund center, have moved to 16 East Main St. in Rexburg. Watch for details of an open house.

Distinguished Emeritus Award

During the April 2003 Emeritus breakfast, Distinguished Emeritus Service Awards were presented to Reed ’50 and Elizabeth Moss and to Arlo ’47 and Norma Trost ’48.

     A native of Ririe, Idaho, Reed Moss attended Ricks College and then served a mission in East Germany from 1951-1953. He served in the Army counterintelligence during the Korean War. He attended George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C., and received a juris doctorate with high honors in 1960. His wife Elizabeth grew up in Salt Lake City, attended Holy Cross Hospital School of Nursing, and became a registered nurse.
The couple moved to Idaho Falls in 1960 where Reed became a partner in the law firm of Peterson, Moss, Olsen, Mecham, and Carr. From 1997 to 2000 Elizabeth served with her husband as he presided over the Germany Leipzig Mission. They currently reside in Ririe. The Mosses have seven children and 23 grandchildren.

     Arlo and Norma Lindsey Trost met at Ricks College. While attending Ricks, Arlo served as student body vice president. He received a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, taught science at Rigby High School for three years, then returned to Utah State for a master’s in zoology. He worked as an engineer at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (now ineel). He has served in the Church as a missionary in Canada, as a bishop, a high councilor, and as an ordinance worker in the Idaho Falls Temple for nine years.
Norma received a degree in elementary education from Ricks. She taught school for 29 years, specializing in reading. She served for 18 years in the Idaho Falls Temple.
Arlo and Norma recently served in the Tennessee Knoxville Mission. They live in Idaho Falls and have four children, 19 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Athletic Hall of Fame

Diana Berrett Wilson ’92 was inducted to the BYU–Idaho/Ricks College Athletic Hall of Fame on Aug. 19, 2003. While attending Ricks College, she was on the National All-Tournament Team for volleyball during 1990-91, was a First Team All-American in 1991, and was named mvp at the Ricks College Classic. She was the recipient of the Betty Hatch Ideal Female Athlete Award and named the Ricks College Education Department Women of the Year in 1991. She graduated from Idaho State University and taught math for three years at Madison High School. Diana and her husband George have four children. They are living in Rexburg.

     Grant Campbell ’80 was inducted into the BYU–Idaho/Ricks College Athletic Hall of Fame on Aug. 19, 2003, in. During his freshman year at Ricks in 1977, Grant was named All-Conference Punter with an 82-yard punt achieved during a football game against the BYU Junior Varsity. After serving a mission to the Switzerland Zurich Mission, he returned to Ricks for another successful football season. He was the 1980 All-Conference Punter and First Team All-American Punter. At the University of Nebraska, he participated in two Orange Bowls. He currently lives in Sandy, Utah, with his wife Laura and their eight children.

 Presidential Service Award

Arthur ’38 and Faunetta Reynolds of Moore, Idaho, were honored with the 2003 Presidential Service Award. In presenting the award, appreciation was expressed to the Reynolds for their exemplary service and humility and for their valued, extended friendship with BYU–Idaho and Ricks College.

     Arthur attended Ricks and received degree in animal husbandry from the University of Idaho. The Reynolds were married in 1945. Four years later Arthur was called to serve a mission in the Northern California Mission while Faunetta worked several jobs to support him.

     The Reynolds work closely with Arthur’s brothers in farming. Arthur and Faunetta raised five adopted children and have 12 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. Arthur is the author of four fictional books and Faunetta is involved in making quilts and crafts.

 Alumni Spotlight—Michael Mosman

Senate Confirms Ricks College Alumnus as Federal Judge

The Senate confirmed that Michael Mosman ’79 will serve as a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon. Mosman was nominated to the position by President George W. Bush in May and appeared before a Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C., in July. Senate confirmation was given Sept. 25.
Mosman said he feels he “showed up on President Bush’s radar screen” during the terrorism arrests that he led in Oregon. During a U.S. Department of Justice news conference, Attorney General John Ashcroft praised Mosman for his leadership in the arrests. “[This] individual has been important in the Department of Justice in securing justice in these cases,” Ashcroft said.
Mosman attended Ricks College in the late 1970s. He graduated as valedictorian from Utah State University and finished his schooling magna cum laude at BYU Law School. He joined the Department of Justice in 1988 as an assistant U.S. attorney and was appointed U.S. Attorney in 2001. In 2000, Mosman accepted the Ricks College Outstanding Young Alumni award.

Chapter Scholarships

Thanks to the generous donations of alumni, 18 alumni chapters were able to award regional chapter scholarships to 44 new students who enrolled this summer and fall. The average scholarship award was $400, with a total of nearly $18,000 awarded.
Regional chapter scholarships benefit children of alumni who are new freshmen and who have demonstrated above average academic preparation. The Alumni Office and regional chapters are now accepting scholarship applications for the 2004-2005 school year. For more information, please visit www.byui.edu/alumni/chapters/scholarship.htm.

Second Annual Alumni Lagoon Day

Nearly 400 alumni and their families gathered for the second annual Alumni Lagoon Day on July 27. All who attended enjoyed a free picnic lunch, and many won door prizes provided by BYU–Idaho and the Alumni Association. Due to the response and success of this year’s event, plans are being made to continue the tradition. The third annual Alumni Lagoon Day is set for July 24, 2004. Join us in Utah next summer for another fun day at Lagoon!

 Travel Study Will Visit Church History Sites

Church service missionaries Dee and Emmajean Risenmay and Roy Huff of the BYU–Idaho religion faculty will be hosting upcoming travel study tours for alumni. Tour locations include Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and historically significant sites in Vermont, Missouri, Illinois, and New York. For further information on these and other tours, please visit www.byui.edu/alumni.

 First Annual Alumni vs. Students Softball Game

The first annual alumni vs. students softball game debuted during the summer I-Days celebration at BYU–Idaho. The students started with an early 9-0 lead. The alumni team rallied to win the game by a score of 11-10.
Members of the alumni team included Val Carpenter ’72, Seth Cannon ’92, Jennifer McDonough Cannon ’92, Brian Carter ’00, Jeremiah Cochran ’98, Todd Davis ’93, Brett Myers ’02, Nicki Ogden ’92, Delaina Hammon Scholes ’00, Dawn Shirley, Rick Stowers ’98, Tyler Williams ’99, Lori Echevarria Woodland ’94.

New Alumni Chapters

The Alumni Association is pleased to announce the following new chapters. All chapters are seeking volunteers to help serve on their local councils. Please see the complete listing of current chapters and contact information at www.byui.edu/alumni.

Arizona, Tucson Chapter
Carol ’77 & Steven Langford

California, Central Valley Chapter
Trina Larkin ’90

California, Los Angeles Chapter
Robert ’95 & Alejandra Hilario del Plain ’95

California, South Bay Chapter
David ’95 & Samantha Conatti Fowler ’95

Idaho, Pocatello Chapter
Nick ’78 & Linda Elder Nielson ’81

Massachusetts, New England Chapter
Joshua Iverson ’99

Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul
David Wilson ’00

Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter
Brian ’93 & Michele Garner Lake ’93

Utah, Salt Lake City North Chapter
Paul ’89 & Jennifer Packard Pickett ’90

Washington, Spokane
Jeff ’88 & Whitney Garner Gummersall ’87

Washington, Puget Sound South
Kirk ’83 & Shannon Davis ’84