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A Ricks satellite campus accessible only by boat?  Believe it.  Through the college’s QUEST program, “The Ricks Experience on Vashon Island” allows students to begin (or continue) their education in the Puget Sound area of Washington.

The new century began on a powerful note at Ricks College with a devotional address by President David A. Bednar. His talk “…Ye Are the Temple of God…” (1 Corinthians 3:16) equates our physical body to a temple of the Lord and asks the questions, “Will my body rule over my spirit, or will my spirit rule over my body?”

With this issue we introduce a new section to the SUMMIT. Acumen is synonymous with discernment and insight and is defined as mental keenness. In our look at the Division of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, we give you an insight and hope to sharpen your awareness of the programs and achievements of this academic area.

The Board of Trustees- including the First Presidency, other General Authorities, and general auxiliary leaders- has recently approved the new set of five-year goals and priorities for Ricks College. In his article, “Staying On Course:  Priorities 2000-2005,” Brett Sampson (88) reports that in the midst of rapid societal, technological, and educational changes, these goals remain consistently focused on the ongoing missions of the Church and college.

What do you remember about your time at Ricks College?  A helpful faculty member?  The spiritual environment?  Singing “Happy Ties?”  Excerpts from an in-house publication entitled “Legacy of Love” features present and former employees, many of them alumni, giving a first-hand account about what made Ricks College special.

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