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“We Stay Close”

Summit Magazine Alumni living in the United States receive this periodic publication, which includes articles about the university, student achievements and activities, and alumni accomplishments and whereabouts. Keep the Alumni Office posted of your current address to ensure you receive this great magazine. View past issues online at


E-mail Updates The informal Alumni Association newsletter highlights the latest from BYU–Idaho. Sign up to be kept “in the loop” on recent and upcoming events on campus and around the world by sending an e-mail to


Alumni Connections Reconnect with former classmates, post messages, and make career connections (including job searches) through this online alumni community. Register and update your alumni profile at

Spirit Week Traditions Every semester the Alumni Association coordinates with other campus departments for a full week of activities. Whether it’s winter, summer, or fall, Spirit Week includes events such as an alumni affinity reunion, concerts, sporting events, carnivals, firesides, etc. Alumni, students, parents, and community are welcome. Find out about upcoming Spirit Week traditions at


Reunions The Alumni Association helps you stay connected by sponsoring reunions during each Spirit Week. We assist in making reunion arrangements for various campus groups such as nursing majors or ballroom dance participants. For more information contact the Alumni Office at (800) 537-2586. Let’s get together!


“Away We Go”

Educational Tours and Alumni Cruises Throughout the year the Alumni and Friends Travel Club offers travel opportunities such as vacation cruise packages and educational tours. You can join fellow alumni and representatives from BYU–Idaho on trips all over the world—often with highlights of Church history. Descriptions and information on this year’s trips are available at


Travel Accommodations As a BYU–Idaho/Ricks College alumnus, you qualify for special savings on condominium rentals. Seven-day rentals go for $349 at over 3,500 locations worldwide. You can also receive worldwide discounted rates of up to 20 percent from major hotel chains. Learn more about your alumni travel benefits at


“We Are Here”

The Alumni Relations Office is currently located at 16 East Main Street, Rexburg, ID 83460-0056. Stop on by!

You can also visit us online at,

or contact us at (800) 537-2586

or (208) 496-2234.


 “We Can Help”

Alumni Ambassadors These alumni serve in regions all over the United States and Canada to perpetuate the “Spirit of Ricks” in their local communities. They do so by helping the university stay connected with alumni and encouraging prospective students to consider BYU–Idaho. To find an Alumni Ambassador in your region, visit  Call the Alumni Office at (800) 537-2586 if you are interested in volunteering as an ambassador.


Alumni Legacy Scholarships Private scholarships are made possible by donations from alumni and friends of the university. New BYU–Idaho students who are children of alumni are candidates for an Alumni Legacy Scholarship. More information and a printable application can be found at


Alumni Mentors You can offer a tremendous amount of inspiration and share realistic expectations as you work with promising young men and women to help develop their skills. To learn how you can take someone under your wing and help them along as they follow in your footsteps, sign up at


Internships If you are a business owner or work for a company that has the potential of providing internship experience to students, visit  Thousands of students have already represented the “Spirit of Ricks” with high moral standards and dedicated work ethics throughout the world.


Giving Alumni and friends support students by donating to university priorities such as scholarships or where the need is currently greatest. To learn more about how you can give back, visit online at SM


Table of Contents


Dear Alumnus,
     I recently heard from an alumnus who had traveled on a BYU-Idaho/Ricks College alumni cruise.  While on the cruise he ran into a former Ricks College ward member and inquired if she was also traveling with the alumni group. She replied that she was not an alumnus because she had never graduated.
    Unfortunately she is not alone in this misperception. I believe there are many past students of this great institution who do not realize they are valued alumni. Any former student who has accumulated at least 16 credit hours is considered an alumnus.
    Maybe you attended this school for only a short time, or perhaps you stayed to graduate. Either way, you left an imprint on classmates, friends, teachers, and the school—just as they undoubtedly did on you. Now as an alumnus, that special influence can be felt again and again throughout your life as you discover (or rediscover) your membership in the BYU–Idaho/Ricks College Alumni Association.
    The Alumni Association exists to facilitate your relationship with your alma mater. The following pages explain alumni benefits that can enrich your life and how the Alumni Association helps keep your college memories alive.
    Whether you were here 50 years ago or just last year, we hope to continue our association with you throughout your life and wish you true success wherever you are now. 

Warmest regards,

    Joe Marsden
    Alumni Association President

“We Are You”

Alumni Statistics
BYU–Idaho/Ricks College Alumni

BYU-Idaho Graduates                11,046

Ricks College Graduates           55,579

BYU-Idaho Non-graduates         10,749

Ricks College Non-graduates    74,762            

Total                                             152,136


Male    42%

Female 58%


U.S. citizens                    98%

International Students    2%



24 & under       10%

25 – 40            44%

41 – 65            42%

66 & over        4%