Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor:
I just retired from active duty in the Army after a 26-year military career that included service in the Navy (before mission), the Army Reserve, and National Guard.
I've been accepted to start classes at the University of Tulsa, in Tulsa, Okla., to continue studies in comparative Latin American politics and diplomatic history. My plans are to complete my bachelor's degree (finally) then to continue with a related master's degree program with the goal of teaching in college.
I still remember my time at Ricks with great enthusiasm and fondness during which time I also worked on the college's kvik and kric radio stations. My memory of the Spori building was of my communications classes and working at the radio stations. One night I had to fill in a late night shift on short notice until midnight and sign off on kric, with an assigned wake-up shift at 5 a.m. Being late, sleepy and with nasty weather outside, I opted to sleep behind the console in the station so I wouldn't miss the sign on. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to find campus security there interviewing me. The janitorial staff found me and thought I was a vagrant!!
Love to all and look forward to hearing from you.
Daniel Delmar Hilbert '81
Broken Arrow, Okla.

Dear Editor:
Hi, my name is Mario Jane. I came all the way from Mexico for a short visit to the Ricks College campus in August 1977. It was a failed attempt to enter school on an athletic scholarship basis. I went back to Provo, Utah, where I had some friends there. Needless to say that I was not a member of the Church. After living there for four months, I accepted the gospel message. I was baptized on December 10, 1977.
After spending a year in California (Hartnell College), I was able to fulfill my dream of attending and running for Ricks College. 1979 and 1980 are years I remember with particular love and appreciation; within the atmosphere of the "Spirit of Ricks," I was able to build a much stronger testimony. I also learned to serve and developed some leadership skills. I even received my patriarchal blessing.
Twenty-four years have passed. Now married in the temple (1985) with six children and having served in different capacities in the Church, I feel grateful that God allowed me to be part of the student body and of the track and cross country teams at Ricks College. It was an honor and something that has influenced my life for good.
Mario Jane '79

Dear Editor:
I attended Ricks 1978-1980, and it played an extremely important part in changing my life.
I actually started my career in Rexburg as a radio DJ on the station 94 q-fm kadq. After my mission, I had a very successful career as an on-air broadcaster which led to a career doing voice-overs for national commercials, movie industry, documentaries, television, and of course radio.
I served a mission from 1980-1982 in the Kentucky-Louisville Mission. I married Cynthia Nicholson on May 3, 1986, in the Oakland Temple and we have three children. I received my bachelor's degree in business management from the University of Phoenix.
I lived in the San Francisco Bay area for thirteen years. In 1999 we moved to Cedar City, Utah. I am currently president and CEO of Brett Stevens Advertising, the largest ad agency in Southern/Central Utah, Northern Arizona, and Eastern Nevada.
I have served as elders quorum president, Young Men's president, stake cultural arts director, and my most favorite position--early morning seminary teacher.
I cherish the memories of Ricks with all my heart. Though I did not graduate from Ricks, I felt that those two years I spent there were vital to me in making critical decisions that would guide my life's journey for good.
I wish very much to be a part of the Ricks alumni program and also welcome and embrace the beginning of BYU-Idaho.
Brett K. Klumpp '80
Cedar City, Utah

Dear Editor:
I love Ricks (BYU-Idaho) College. When I attended Ricks (1974-75) I was a Baptist. After my first semester, I was baptized into the Church and 12 months later served a mission to London, England. I now serve as a bishop of a BYU student ward. My Ricks College experience, the people who influenced my life, and the "Spirit of Ricks" changed my life forever.
Royce Bybee '75

old photo of Spori building

Editor's note
The historic 1905 photo of the Jacob Spori Building found on page 11 of the Fall 1999 issue of Summit Magazine was incorrectly attributed. The photo was taken by Arthur C. Porter. Our apologies are extended to the Porter family for our mistake. We appreciate their continued willingness to share the photo, which attests to the growth of the school and city of Rexburg.

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