From The Alumni President


By Pamela Wray Eckhardt (79),

President of Ricks College Alumni Council

      Pamela was named to the Alumni Council in 1996. She began serving as president of the council earlier this year and is a member of the Summit  magazine advisory board.

      Pam operates a sewing business out of her home in Blackfoot, Idaho, while raising her three children with her husband, Gary (79). She was a member of Vikadettes and served on the Student Development Council while at Ricks. She is a graduate of BYU in clothing and textiles.

 Dear Alumni,

      As we all look toward a new millennium, we in the Alumni Council reflect back on our shared experience at Ricks and what it means to us today. The more than 125,000 Ricks College Alumni who make up this association have now spread throughout the world to other institutions of higher learning and employment, as well as opportunities for community service and the rearing of their families.

   We all know that college is a place to develop academically and socially; but at Ricks, students also grow spiritually. We hope you remember the multi-faceted foundation you received at Ricks College and how it affects you even now. At graduation in 1978, then Ricks College president Bruce C. Hafen said,

   "May we never forget those tender moments of spiritual power and insight that tell us why we have such a college in the church and what we learn when we come here.  We are accountable to God, I believe, to remember those moments of learning."

   The experiences and opportunities you had at Ricks College did not just come by chance. They happened, in part, because of the sacrifice of thousands of Church members who make it financially possible for the Church Board of Education to maintain and perpetuate this special place building by building, program by program, and student by student.

   We thank you for maintaining the standards and mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We thank you for sending your sons and daughters to Ricks College and for telling other youth how great it can be to begin their higher education there. We thank you for your generous contributions. You are continuing the tradition of that Spirit of Ricks in your own families and communities.

   The Alumni Association really is here for you. No matter where life has taken you, we can help strengthen your ties back to Ricks through the following services:

  Summit magazine is sent out twice a year as a free service to all alumni. (There are 25,000 alumni however, who do not receive this because we do not have a current address.) 

  Inside Ricks is an informal newsletter sent via e-mail each week. If you do not currently receive it, let us know by contacting us at and we will begin sending it to you.

  Area activities such as firesides, traveling performances, and CES programs take place across the country and cater to alumni and potential students.

  Reunions sponsored by the Alumni Office maintain (and renew) relationships and help keep the Ricks experience unforgettable.

  Alumni travel is a way to tour the world with Ricks College. See page 17 of this issue for information on the upcoming alumni tour to Israel.

  Current alumni addresses and pertinent information is stored in our computer files. You can help update records on-line, via e-mail or by calling the Alumni Office.

  The Ricks Web Page enables you to visit campus and get the latest news and issues on-line. The web-page also features links to each of the services mentioned above. Go to

  Alumni representatives in various areas of the United States are involved when a Ricks College function is in their area. They are a resource to the college, to you, and to new as well as future Ricks College students. If you live near one of these representatives (listed in the sidebar of the contents page), please call and volunteer your services . Or if you have interest in serving Ricks College, please contact the Alumni Office.

   Together we can all rekindle the "Spirit of Ricks"  and help spread it throughout the communities in which you live and serve.


Happy Ties,


Pamela Wray Eckhardt (79)

Alumni Council President


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