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Activities: It's about people not programs

Dragging her feet slowly through the campground, freshman Jordyn Bochenek couldn't help but think about the troubles piling up in her life: adjusting to a new school, problems at home, and much more. Having been involved in various activities throughout high school, Bochenek usually liked giving service, but this time, her heart just wasn't in it.

It didn't take long for Activities Director Layne Kinghorn to recognize Bochenek's somber look, and he immediately took action. Pulling her aside, Kinghorn promised that if Bochenek would forget her troubles and concentrate solely on the service opportunity at hand, everything would take care of itself.

"From that point on, I threw my whole self into the project, and everything Brother Kinghorn promised came true," Bochenek said.

Six semesters later, Bochenek is the student director over the service area of the Activities Program and wants to give to others what Kinghorn gave to her: a changed perspective.

"One of the most important things I've learned is that it's always more important to focus on people than programs," she said. "Next semester there will be a new service director who will run the program differently than me, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that we have the opportunity to change people's lives. If I can talk to even one freshman during the project and make him or her a more confident person, then the project was a success."

Bochenek said the same is true for all branches of Activities. She explained that BYU-Idaho is the only place she knows of where every program can bring people closer to Jesus Christ.

"Even at Guitars Unplugged, we try to bring down the noise, remind people why we are here, and begin with a prayer," she said. "We know our programs are a success if we bring people closer to Christ."

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