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One student's faith opens doors

While BYU-Idaho provides an excellent academic learning environment, the university recognizes that classroom learning is just one way to gain an education. One particular way students are encouraged to enhance their skills is through internships. But, getting a good internship requires determination.

Dominic Bailin, a Ricks College graduate, felt guided to leave his home in Arizona while he returned to BYU-Idaho to complete a bachelor's degree in communication. After two semesters, he began searching for an internship. A former ward member helped him find a public relations and marketing internship for the City of Maricopa, Ariz., his hometown. After a phone interview, he was offered the position.

How do internships bless lives?

"The Lord blessed me with an internship, which helped me obtain skills I would not have another way," Bailin said. "It gave me experience I need to purse my future career goals." Bailin was grateful to be with his family while establishing worthwhile connections in the city.

How does BYU-Idaho prepare students for internships?

As the only intern working for the City of Maricopa, Bailin was given more projects than he was prepared for. "I hit the ground running—but forgot my running shoes," he said. When overwhelmed, he would refer back to his classes at BYU-Idaho and ask himself, "How can I apply what I learned in my communication classes to this situation?" He stated that without his education, he would not have known where to begin.

What do internships teach students?

An important aspect of the workforce, Bailin learned, is building and maintaining connections. "The ultimate goal of internships is to be offered a full-time job," he said. "It is important to build relationships and not settle for anything less than your best." He expressed enthusiasm and love for his internship and those he worked with. Some of his projects included writing for the city's newsletter, assisting with the mayor's State of the City speech, doing public relations for the city library, and starting Academy Leadership (a public class explaining Maricopa's future). These projects taught him project and time management, as well as organizational skills.

How do internships lead to future careers?

Bailin's internship experience has helped him exhibit more confidence during his classes. He is now able to share his experience with other students. He looks forward to completing school and finding a career in public relations or political science. Bailin's faith and determination helped him make the necessary steps in preparing for his future career.

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