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BYU-Idaho set to feed thousands in new food court

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Video: Local News 8 coverage of new food court

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Photos: 360º panoramic photo tour of The Crossroads eating area

BYU-Idaho opened a new 18,000-square-foot food court September 10. The new facility, known as The Crossroads, seats about 1,200 people and is three times the size of the previous dining area. It features seven unique eating venues, a salad and dessert bar, a stage for student performances, wireless Internet, and a string of electrical outlets for convenient laptop use.

"The Crossroads isn't just for food. It's a gathering place where students can mingle, study, and be entertained," said Greg Carson, BYU-Idaho's Food Services manager. "We call it The Crossroads because it is the center of activity on campus."

Although the area is not just for food, it does bring a lot of customers to Food Services. Thus, the department received a major facelift before moving to its new home. Food Services expanded its menu and implemented new pieces of equipment. Employees cook in the open air, sending aromas of breads, pastries and other foods into the crowd and up to the twenty-eight-foot ceiling. Dining options include Asian and Mexican cuisine, pizza and pasta, a full grill line, home-style cooking, deli and wraps, soups, salads, retail bakery items and desserts, ice cream and more.

"We're keeping the quality of our food at a very high level but are providing more of it, all in an interactive and fun atmosphere," Carson said.

The Crossroads' interactive atmosphere will continue to grow as construction moves forward on campus. The next stage of construction on the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center will include an enclosed bridge that connects the dining area with the David O. McKay Library, making the food court an even bigger junction point on campus.


Photos: 360° panoramic photo tour of The Crossroads Student Center

Click Here to see the Serving Area

Click Here to see the Sitting Area


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