Scheduling OfficeYou will find the Scheduling Office staff a delightful combination of institutional knowledge and youthful enthusiasm.

Let us save you time by centralizing your scheduling needs. The Event Management System (EMS) software used by our staff is an efficient tool for single-entry data of events for scheduling rooms, adding resources and publishing the event to the online, public BYU-Idaho calendar.

  1. University policies apply to events on campus. Please be familiar with the General Guidelines for facility use.
  2. Know what you are planning. Acknowledging in advance what resources will be needed is becoming as critical as finding open space. The Event Planning tips and checklist may be useful (especially if you are working with student organizers who are new to the world of events).
  3. Contact the Scheduling Office to initiate your request.

Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual EMS Tips

EMS and Outlook Integration