Media Transfer Services

Media Transfer was once offered to students to be able to transfer media sources from one source to another. These services have since moved to the Faculty Technology Center.


A/V Services no longer provides laptops for check out. Please see the Help Desk on the third floor of the library for laptop check-outs. The Help Desk also fixes and services laptops, not A/V Services.

TEC Stations

Classroom Technology is in charge of fixing or attending to TEC stations. A/V Services does not have the equipment to fix anything if they are not functioning correctly. We do, however, know the codes and how they function if they are functioning properly.

Video Cameras

Camera's, Tripods, Projectors (digital type) can be checked out at the Student Technology Center Located in the commons area in the McKay Library, room 140A. These are only available for faculty, staff, admin, and students with faculty, or staff permission sent to: 496-9527 - Juliann Self

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