Renting Equipment Policy


  • Employees may check out necessary equipment for institutional use at no charge.
  • Employees should keep the equipment for the shortest amount of time possible to make it available to others.
  • A/V Services student techs will assist with setup and instruct in the use of equipment.

Scheduled events

Step 1: Reserve a room or space with the Scheduling Office.

Step 2: While making the reservation, tell the Scheduling Office what equipment you'll need.

Step 3: If you have any questions or need to add equipment to your reservation, call A/V services at (208) 496-3150 or -3191.

Once your reservation is complete, you will be emailed a reservation confirmation with your event details.

We do not process online equipment request forms on Saturdays or Sundays. If your need is urgent please contact us directly.

If anything needs to be changed after that point, call Event Services to change your reservation. We cannot make changes within 48 hours of your event.