Equipment Available

Small Speaker

Small Speaker: (SRM150)

Small speakers are about six inches tall by ten inches wide, and are good for classroom and conference room gatherings. For additional details and information click here.

Mackie SRM 350 Speaker

Medium Speaker: (SRM350)

Medium speakers are about two feet tall by one foot wide, and good for larger groups, and outdoor activities.  For additional details and information click here.

Large Speaker

Large Speaker: (PPHP1599AI)

Large speakers are about three feet tall by two feet wide, and are good for large events and venues.  For additional details and information click here.

Anchor Speaker

Anchor Speaker: (Liberty MPB 4500)

Our Anchor speakers are battery powered and portable.  They are great for events where there is little to no accessable electricity. These can only be reserved with special permission from the Event Services Manager. 

Epson projector Powerlite

Epson 1940W Medium Projector:

Medium projectors are good for class or conference room use, and smaller groups. 


Epson G5350 Large Projector:

Large projectors are good for larger group meetings and gatherings.  

Portable Project

Epson 1771W Ultrathin Portable Projector:

The Ultrathin and protable projector is good for convenient movement, and small projecting space.  

Epson 535W Projector

Epson 535W Short Throw Projector:

The Short throw projector is good for projecting an image to a screen within a short distance.  

Epson 410W Projector

Epson 410W Multimedia Projector:

"The PowerLite 410W is ideal for wall-mounting and use with interactive whiteboards (IWBs). Its short throw distance ensures ample space for students and audience members, while drastically reducing shadow interference."


4, 6, 6.5 and 8.5 foot screens:

Our 4' screens are good for small intimate group settings.  Our 6' screens are good for small group gatherings and mettings.  Our 6.5' screens are good for classroom and conference room settings.  Our 8.5' screens are good for larger groups and venues. 


19" LCD TV:

LCD TV's (19" screens) are perfect for booths. They have built-in DVD players.

Plasma Screen

Plasma Screen:

We have plasma TV's available for reservation, and they are in high-demand. They are portable, have DVD capabilities, and differect combinations of HDMI, VGA, and RCA plug-ins.

Blu-Ray Player

Blu-Ray player:

Used for high-definition playback and has wi-fi capabilities. We do have 3D blu-ray players, but no 3D TVs.


Crab (Multi-Media DI Box):

Connects audio outputs and inputs to speakers or campus sound systems.

Over head projector

Overhead Projector:

Projects transparencies onto screens or other surfaces for visual aid. Works through reflective lenses.



Projects what is under the camera lens through the projector onto a screen or other surface for visual aid. Works through recording devices.

Wireless Presenter

Wireless Presenter:

Includes two parts: usb doggle, and the presenter itself. The usb doggle goes into any usb port and allows presenter to work with the computer.

Table Easle

Table Easel:

To display light weight objects on a table.

Floor Easle

Floor Easel:

Used to display objects by standing on the floor.

CD Player

CD Player:

Our CD player can be connected to the house sound in many venues on campus.


Mackie Mixer

Mackie Mixer:

Used to provide more inputs for larger events. Only reserved with special permission from the Event Services Supervisor.

Other resources available for your event are provided by these departments:

Whiteboards Whiteboards are available through Custodial Services.Tables and chairs are available through Custodial services depending on the venue and local resources.
TablesVideo Cameras Tables and chairs are available through Custodial Services, depending on the venue and local resources.
Video Cameras Video cameras are provided by the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library.