Public Safety

BYU-Idaho has one of the lowest crime levels in the United States, for any college or university. In's 2017 list of Safest College Campuses, BYU-Idaho was listed as number one, against 1142 other schools. 


Knowledge is power, and your first line of defense in the case of an emergency. Read from a curated list of articles on BYU Idaho emergency procedures, to be better prepared for anything. From active shooter events, to what to do in case your roomate goes missing, take an active step towards safety both on and off campus.


Learn more about what makes BYU Idaho the nation's safest college campus [1]. Read school policies put in place to keep students and faculty safe, and view crime logs published by both the Public Safety Department and the Rexburg Police Department. 


(Contact BYU-I Public Safety at (208)496-3000 for access to these services)


Car battery dead? An officer will respond as soon as possible and jump-start your battery. This service is only available on University owned property.


Officers will respond to open a location that you are authorized to be in. BYU Idaho University Security and Safety  CANNOT give authorizations. You must get them from your Department Chair.


Locked your keys in your car? We can open most cars with professional equipment. This service is available on University owned property.

Safety Escorts

One of our primary interests is the safety of all persons while on campus. After dark a uniformed security officer will provide anyone with a walking personal escort to another location on campus or to off campus housing with in a one block radius.