Q: Why has BYU-Idaho changed some of the light switches on campus?

  A: The new switches are Occupancy Sensors and they are part of an initiative to reduce the amount of electricity used at BYU-Idaho.  They detect movement in the classroom and turn off when no one is present.

Some Facts:

    -Approximately 1100 sensors have been installed on Campus, at a cost of ~$50,000.

    -Rocky Mountain Power gave us an incentive rebate of ~$38,000!  This makes the net project cost just $12,000!

    -Watts saved on campus each day: ~2,112,000 (yes, that over 2 MILLION!).

    -Dollars saved on campus each day: ~$126.72, which works out to a yearly savings of ~$46,253.

    -ROI (Return on Investment): just 4.5 months!

The next phase will be to install them in all the classrooms, which will save ~ 4,000,000 watts per day - tripling the amount of money saved each day.

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