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Started in 2010, The BYU-Idaho Recycling Center
has always looked for increasingly innovative ways
to create student employment opportunities and
promote sustainability on campus.

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2012 saw The Recycling Center grow to almost 40
student employees, including 4 student interns who were
hired to run the facility as a business internship.
The growth was made possible by a partnership with the
City of Rexburg and an effort to bring a curbside recycling
program to the community. In the spring the facility will be
introduced to commercial businesses, and apartment complexes.

Image of Recycling Center Students working insideCAMPUS RECYCLING

The BYU-Idaho Recycling Center collects
SINGLE STREAM recycling from campus
ONLY. All recycling regardless of type can be
placed in a single bin which is then hand-sorted
when it reaches the facility, this promotes participation
on campus by making it easy to recycle, and increases
the purity levels of the recycled goods produced.
Recycling is then baled and stored until it can be
shipped to re-manufacture facilities across the country.

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New Employee Recycling Training

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