This chart will help you determine what Facilities Project Requests and Facilities Service Requests are for.

Facilities Project Request

Space Configurations/Remodel
Steelcase Remodel
Project Design
Project Scoping
Cost Estimates, i.e. for Stewardship Review           
AV Equipment Intallation/Removal

Facilities Service Request

Leaking pipes, faucets, toilets, fountains, etc.
Door and threshhold problems
Paint touch-up and minor wall repairs
Carpet or flooring issues/tripping hazards
Electrical problems - outlets, lighting, clocks
HVAC - temperature of space
Windows, building envelope
Small shelving needs
Minor furniture requests (chairs, tables)
Custodial - Spills/biohazard clean-up, toiletry re-stock
Failure of equipment maintained by Facilities (coolers, freezers, heaters, hoods, ovens/ranges, etc.)