Current Projects

New Central Energy Facility

The Central Energy Facility is well underway, now entering phase 2 of construction. The new plant has been completed and the gas turbine installed. Currently two 45,000-pounds-per-hour Cleaver Brooks boilers are providing the campus with steam, while the gas turbine is being commissioned to help assume some of that load in the near future. The gas turbine, once commissioned, will also be generating 5 Mega Watts of power, easing the University's demand for power.  See the live webcam here.


Centre Square Apartments (On-Campus Student Housing)

The Centre Square Apartments project is scheduled to be completed and ready for occupancy by fall semester 2015. With 856 beds, the new apartments will replace the current on campus housing. Each apartment is equipped with optix internet, a 30" flat screen TV, and its own washer and dryer. The housing site has been designed with large courtyards to host the most competitive ultimate frisbee, football, and volleyball games ever.   See the live webcam here.

Science & Technology Building
(Plot bordered by Sage, Center and 1st West (old baseball diamond))

The new Science & Technology Building will contain classrooms, offices, various study rooms and spaces, large gathering spaces, and various laboratories for the Animal & Food Science, Applied Plant Science, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, and Computer Information Technology Departments. The approximate square footage is 106,000 SqFt. This building will offer the campus an environment designed to the University's learning model and will provide a new yet compatible look in BYU-Idaho building Architecture.  The project is currently under construction and will be complete for fall semester 2016.  Check out the live webcam here.

Agricultural Science Center
(Formerly the Livetock Center)

The Agricultural Science Center includes the demolition of all of the existing agricultural buildings and facilities except the arena building and the caretaker's residence.  New and expanded agricultural facilities will be constructed including: livestock handling, heifer development, hog, poultry, feed lanes, sheep, hay storage, feed equipment storage, feed mill, silage and feed storage, maintenance shop, equipment storage, well house, and improved site amenities. Retrofits, improvements, and remodels will also be executed to improve the academic offerings and functionality of the existing indoor arena/classroom building.  The project is presently underway and will be complete for winter semester 2016.

Concrete Replacement

Each year, areas of campus are selected for concrete repair or replacement.  Check out the scheduled areas for 2015 here.