Current Projects

Kimball IT Suite Remodel and the Kimball Mechanical Room Remodel

There are currently 2 major remodel and improvement projects underway in the Kimball Building.

On the south end on the Main Floor of the Kimball Building, the Information Technology, Suite 170, is being remodeled to provide more work stations for the department and centralize the department operations.  Demolition consists of removing the existing furniture and walls, removing the carpet, removing the mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, and repairing damaged surfaces.After demolition, areas will be rebuilt for a smaller number of offices, numerous work stations, new mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, new carpet, and paint. The project is expected to finish December 2016.

On the south end of the Kimball Building, the mechanical room is being remodeled to replace the original fans for the mechanical systems and the building chiller.  This project involves removing the existing fans by cutting them up, recycling the materials, installing new fans and installing a new chiller. The project is expected to finish December 2016. These projects will cause noise, fumes, and congestion at the south main floor exit.  It is suggested that the south exit not be used except in an emergency.  Please do not enter the construction zones.  Dangers will exist overhead and on the floors and they will be dirty. For additional information, contact Andy Johnson X-2664.

Agricultural Science Center
(Formerly the Livetock Center)

The Agricultural Science Center includes the demolition of all of the existing agricultural buildings and facilities except the arena building and the caretaker's residence.  New and expanded agricultural facilities will be constructed including: livestock handling, heifer development, hog, poultry, feed lanes, sheep, hay storage, feed equipment storage, feed mill, silage and feed storage, maintenance shop, equipment storage, well house, and improved site amenities. Retrofits, improvements, and remodels will also be executed to improve the academic offerings and functionality of the existing indoor arena/classroom building.  The project is presently underway and will be complete for winter semester 2016.