Web Builder Workshops

The Web Builder Support Team participates in Web Workshops (sponsored by the Helpdesk) to help web authors migrate content from the old Web Editor system and consult on new web sites and major updates. The Helpdesk helps authors learn the new Web Builder platform. As you spend time in Web Builder and encounter difficulties, please bring questions to any workshop where specific training and learning can take place as a group. Urgent help can be received from the Helpdesk (ex. 9000).

Web Builder Workshops

The web developer community meets twice a week, in McKay 364. For the fall semester, 2014, the times are:

  • Mondays, 9:00 - 10:00 am
  • Thursdays. 3:15 - 4:15 pm

If you desire a different workshop time, please bring it up on the Web Developers email list (free membership required).

    Information Sessions

    An information session is meant to present the bare essentials of a topic, to wet the appetite of attendees. Ideally, people want more information, or decide to work together, and thus a workshop or micro-community is born.

    Topics are presented in rapid-fire succession, without Q&A, in 5 minutes or less (yes, less time is preferred). Once all presenters are done, we dismiss and attendees are free to approach the presenters for more information, Q&A, etc.

    As presenters, you are more or less "pitching a sale" for your topic. As an attendee, you must save your questions until the end. Thus you may find and befriend others with the same needs, interests, or stewardships. Anyone should feel free to organize further learning moments, a workshop, a collaborative effort, or orientation, by consulting with the presenter. Propose your ideas to the BYU-I Web Dev group.

    Not yet part of the group? Join our Web Developers email list!

    Questions or Concerns?

    Pleaes don't hesitate to contact the University Webmaster, Jeffrey Dunster, at extension ex. 2090, or the Helpdesk at ex. 9000, for any questions or concerns regarding the Web Builder system or your area's website. Also, you can join the Web Developers email list and ask questions any time of day.