This tutorial explains how to retrieve office template files for use after you have downloaded them. If you still need to download your department's office templates from this website, visit the Identity website on SharePoint.

Step 1: If you clicked "Download Now" on a specific template you need such as a Fax Cover Sheet or General Document, you will have a zip file in your downloads folder on your computer. You will need to unzip this file by right–clicking on it and selecting "Extract all" if you are on a Windows PC, or right–clicking and then selecting "Open with"/"Archive Utility" if you are on a Mac. This will open the specific document template you've downloaded, which will be placed in the same folder as the zip file.

Note: If you selected the "Download All Templates" option, you'll need to unzip the first file in your downloads folder, which will then open a new workable folder with more zip files inside, which you will also need to unzip. (If your computer will not open zipped files, please contact the helpdesk at ext. 9000 or

Step 2: Open the file you will be using by double–clicking on it. You will see that your department's logo is at the top of the template in the header. Below the department logo is the document title. Please update the document title to match the purpose of your document.

 header of office template

The contact information for your department is in the footer. 

footer of office template

Please update the footer contact information, if it is not correct. The content of the document is editable—you can change it to whatever you would like. 

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to give us a call at 208-496-3110.