Web Ads

Web Ads are for general announcements targeted to university students, employees, and other audiences. They are displayed inside the my.byui portal.

Web Ads

My.byui banner example

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  • Image Area: May be used for an images and/or text. Images must be clear of copyright restrictions; (images found on Google or other websites are usually not permitted)
  • Headline: No more than one line of text. Font: Helvetica, bold, 16 pt.
  • Body: No more than three lines of text. Font: Helvetica, light, 13 pt.
  • Website: Specify a working university website for the ad to link to. (An approved Facebook page may also be used.)
  • Target Audiences: Ads may be targeted to one or more specific audiences. Please indicate which audience you would like your ad targeted to:
    • Traditional Students
    • Online Students
    • Employees
  • Frequency: Ads can run for a maximum of two days per week for a maximum of two weeks. Ads that run for the full duration must be off for at least one week before running again. 


To get your banner approved and posted, send your banner as a psd file to University Relations at branding@byui.edu and they will email you back with the approval within two business hours. After a banner has been approved, University Relations will post it for two alternating days of the week. Ads may take up to 24 hours to appear and are placed on a first come, first serve basis. Please indicate the beginning and end dates you would like your ad to run.

Questions/ Help

Please contact University Relations (branding@byui.edu) with questions.


Contact a University Relations marketing manager at x3110 or branding@byui.edu for specific instructions.