BYU-Idaho Web Dev Group

The BYU-Idaho Web Developer's community exists to foster open communication about web development and online communications strategies. We hope that all of you will participate, answer what questions you can, and learn from other people's questions.  Over time, this community may sub-divide as needed.

For now, the community functions via a single Google Groups email list.

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The traffic on this list can be quite high, especially during this beta period when there is so much to talk about. If this is overwhelming, here are a few tips:

  • Setup email filters ("rules" in Outlook) to copy email from this list into a sub-folder.
  • Arrange emails in the sub-folder by conversation (threaded) and feel free to delete whole conversations that don't interest you.
  • As a last resort, change your email settings in the group to only send a daily digest of emails, abbreviated emails, or no emails (intending to read all online).

We recognize that some of you may not want any emails from the list whatsoever, but you are on the list to receive important notices about the Web Builder platform. In that case, the Web Builder Support Team, may need to create a separate announcement list.