No matter the event you're hosting, the flier you're designing, or the poster you're hanging your product needs to stand out, this is called branding. Brand is defined as a name, term, design, symbol that identifies with your good or service as distinct and unique.

The BYU-Idaho brand has been evolving since the school was founded and need for the BYU-Idaho brand to be unified across campus has increased as the university has grown. It is a necessity for a consistent and unified brand in visual and written communication.

You might ask, "Does my little flier matter?" and the answer is yes. No matter the size of your piece, large or small, it matters and is a part of the overall BYU-Idaho brand. Let's see why.

Using a Logo

A key element of an organization's brand is the consistent use of a logo.  When people see a well-known logo, they envision the organization, its products and services, what it represents and promotes.

Like all reputable organizations, BYU-Idaho has an official, identifiable logo.


Brigham Young University-Idaho logo


Now more than ever, a consistent and clear brand identity is crucial to the communication of the message. Our logo and other visual identifiers need to be clean, scholarly and dignified. By increasing our level of adherence to the BYU-Idaho brand identity standards, we continue to project the mission and spirit of our organization in a professional way.

Brands Communicate

The tools of branding are used internally with students and employees. They are also used externally with the community, prospective students, alumni and the world. As people experience positive communication from BYU-Idaho, a favorable opinion of the university is formed. This opinion of the university is our brand. We build and influence this brand one impression at a time.

In Conclusion

Building a brand is about the future, requiring the cooperation and participation of every member of the BYU-Idaho community. "Does my little flier matter?" The hope is that you can now see it does matter. Over time, with consistent application of established standards, we can all develop a strong brand that represents the core values and mission of our great university.

Now that you understand a little more about the branding of the University, read about how you can develop an effective message.