Reverse Transfer Credit

What is Reverse Transfer Credit?

Students currently attending BYU–Idaho have the option to transfer BYU–Idaho courses back to a college or institution that they previously attended. 

Why Reverse Transfer Credit?

All BYU–Idaho degree-seeking students are required to complete Foundations requirements. However, transfer students who have earned an AS or AA degree from an accredited institution can have their Foundations requirements waived (with the exception of religion Foundations requirements). For transfer students who were close to receiving an AS or AA degree before transferring to BYU–Idaho, reverse transfer credit could be very beneficial.

Would this benefit me?

Not all transfer students would benefit from reverse-transfer credits. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Have you earned 55+ transfer credits from an accredited college or university?
  2. Do you still have a substantial amount of Foundations courses left to complete?

For BYU–Idaho students who have earned over 55 transfer credits, have a Degree Audit showing more than a few Foundations courses remaining, and have not already earned a transfer degree, reverse transfer credit could save you time and money in completing your BYU–Idaho degree.

How to Proceed

To further pursue Reverse Transfer Credit and how this could benefit you, contact your Academic Discover Center. You will also need to contact the college or university through which you plan to earn your transfer degree. This step is imperative to ensuring that the courses taken through BYU–Idaho will fulfill the needed requirements for earning your transfer degree. 

If you have already earned an AA or AS transfer degree and your Foundations are not showing “waived,” please contact the Academic Discover Center.

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