Receive Real-Time Notification of Your Transcript's Activity!

What is Transcript TrackerTM?

Transcript TrackerTM utilizes the ultimate in state-of-the-art technology available on the market to allow you to track your PDF transcripts once sent to a potential recipient. This provides you with the ability to gain real-time visibility to when your transcript was OPENED, CLOSED and/or PRINTED. Transcript TrackerTM is available on both your web browser and on many popular mobile devices (iPhone, Droids, Blackberry, etc...).


  • Receive real-time text and/or email notification each time your transcript is accessed (Opened/Printed/Closed)
  • Modify settings regarding frequency and method of access notifications
  • Event log table records access time, event type, and geographic location each time your transcript is accessed
  • Access Events are overlaid onto Map


  • Allows for "just in time" responses to recipients as soon as transcripts are accessed
  • Eliminate questions about whether or not your transcript is actually being read
  • Know if your transcript is being sent to another location
  • Know where your transcript is being accessed