Rules and Regulations

"Theatre camp changed my life. It made me more open to try new things and it helped me discover something that I wouldn't have on my own. I made so many friends and I feel at home there. The counselors worked so hard to help us learn and grow. By the end of the week, we are more then friends, we are family. I can't wait to go back!"  -Brieanna Kennedy 


These major rules will lead to dismissal from the program or other possible legal courses of action if not honored by the youth. These rules are listed below:

1) Obey the Law of Chastity as outlined in the Strength for Youth Pamphlet. (A copy may be requested during registration.) Any type of inappropriate relationships will lead to parent notification.

2) Obey the Word of Wisdom or refrain from cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substances. Any type of substance abuse will be turned over to local authorities.

3) Obey the local laws and respect the program, campus, and local authorities. Any vandalism and deviant behavior will be turned over to local authorities.

4) Build healthy relationships with everyone in the program and do not harm others. Any physical attacks or threats, both verbal and non-verbal, will be turned over to local authorities.

5) Participate in the program and do not leave the campus or program locations without counselor permission.

Camp participants will be expected to adhere to the dress and grooming standards of BYU-Idaho, details of which may be found here.