Program Details

"Never have I had a more enjoyable experience making a Showcase than with these wonderful counselors and friends. Nowhere has there been a "cast family" so close as ours." -Aaron Linford


Arrival Time and Check-in
All participants should arrive at Theatre Camp on Monday starting at 11:00 a.m. Check-in will be in the lobby of the Arbor Cove Apartment Complex. The Arbor Cove Parking Lot is available during check-in. For youth driving to Theatre Camp long-term parking passes are available upon request. Please arrive dressed appropriately for campus (no shorts, capris, or flip-flops). Room assignments and other program information will be given at this time. Participants will then check-in at their apartments.

The program will conclude on Saturday at approximately 5 p.m. Friends and Family are invited to our end of week Revue show that will be performed in the Blackbox Theatre, located in the Snow Building Theatre. After that there will be strike of all set pieces and risers for the participants and a soirée for the parents. We will be done at 5 p.m. We will have official check out there at the Snow Building.


In our acting classes we will learn:
-The main principles of improvisational theatre. "Improv" is not just about comedy shows, it is an important skill for any actor to have and useful in so many settings.
- The basics. Learn about blocking, movement, emotion, character and much more in our acting core class!
- About your most important tool as an actor - your voice!
-Script analysis! "The play is the thing". Learn more about how a script can be broken down.
-Creating a character is essential to a good play. We will learn how to ask the right questions and do the necessary research to create the character you want.

Technical production and design
Courses will include the following activites:
-Facility Tour and familiarization with tools and equipment.
-Orientation to stage rigging and construction
-Life-sized light lab and exploring the best equipment BYU-Idaho has to offer.
-Concept Development and implementation
-Technical work for the Revue Show.

Musical Theatre
-Explore Musical Theatre basics
-Perform in a group number.
-Explore voice diction and singing techniques
-Learn basic choreography; get a chance to try tap, modern, jazz, or even ballroom.
-Expand your musical portfolio


Murder Mystery Dinner
No rehearsal is required for this fun, delicious who-dunnit! Step into a 1920's Hollywood character, pick up your knife and fork, and start looking for clues. You never know...the guilty party could be sitting right next to you. Make sure you come prepared with your 20's garb!

Game Night

Take a break after an intense rehearsal for a night of games, karaoke, movies, and treats.

FHE Activity

Coming together as a new theatre camp family for a lesson, outdoor activity and delicious treat.

Zombie Prombie
A chance to put your gore makeup skills to work and have a blast with other participants! After you've made yourself up to look like you are very accident prone, dance the night away with your fellow actors and technicians. Be sure to bring clothes that you can transform into a zombie costume!

Revue Show
The time to put it all together! Take all of the skills you've learned and put them into practice at the end of the week. Saturday afternoon, parents and friends will have the opportunity to see participants perform scene work, musical theatre, and even a little improv!