Theatre Council

Theatre Council is a student-run Academic Society that provides a venue for involvement in BYU-Idaho's Theatre Department.

Theatre Council meetings: 

Wednesdays  5pm-5:30pm

Snow Cafe

~Right outside the Black Box Theatre~


What does Theatre Council do?

Theatre Council is the muscle and brains behind opening night soirees, production talk-backs, student-directed productions, student feedback for productions, playwrighting readings/performances, and any other theatrical activities BYU-Idaho puts on.

Want Theatre Council Updates?

Here is our new blog website; check it out for more updates weekly!

Do I have to be a Theatre Major to join?

Nope! All you need is enthusiasm.

I want more information about Theatre Council.

You are welcome to come to one of our meetings, or feel free to contact our Faculty Advisor, Justin Bates at 496-4826.