Our theatre faculty takes pride in mentoring students, guiding them to career and further education opportunities, and providing frequent feedback on their progress in their studies and skill development.

Gary Larsen: Faculty

Office: 124 SNO

Email: larseng@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4858

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Judy Wilkins: Office Assistant

Office: 126 SNO

Email: wilkinsj@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4821

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Katherine Schmid: Faculty

Office: Snow 216

Email: schmidk@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4824

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Justin Bates: Department Chair

Office: 230 SNO

Email: batesj@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4826

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Gary Benson: Faculty

Office: 222 SNO

Email: bensong@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4827

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Richard Clifford: Faculty

Office: Spori 253

Email: cliffordr@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4829

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Hyrum Conrad: Faculty

Office: 228 SNO

Email: conradh@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4830

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Trevor Hill: Faculty

Office: 223 SNO

Email: hillbe@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4831

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Roger Merrill: Faculty

Office: 226 SNO

Email: merrillr@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4832

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Ray Versluys: Technical Director

Office: 211 SNO

Email: versluysr@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4833

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Lisa Oliphant: Costume Shop Director

Office: 202 SNO

Email: oliphantl@byui.edu

Phone: 208-496-4835

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