Costume Shop


The Costume Shop offers costume and professional services for students and community members. Please call or stop by to make an appointment.


Patty Randall, Costume Shop Director


Snow #202

Monday - Friday

10 am - 5 pm

(closed for Devotional)



Costume Rental Policies

1. There will be a charge for costume rentals. 

2. Class presentations - secure note from instructor

3. By appointment only

4. LATE FEES will be charged if costumes are not returned on time

5. No rentals made during FINALS WEEK


Costume Return Policy

1. Costumes MUST be checked in by a Costume Shop employee

2. If no one is here, come again later. Call first to make sure someone will be here.

3. Do NOT leave costumes here without checking them in.

4. If costumes get LOST or STOLEN, YOU will be held responsible for REPLACEMENT COSTS.


Hems, Alterations, Sewing Projects, Etc.

Projects accepted based on availability of staff

For information or to make an appointment, call 208-496-4835