Casting:photo of rehearsal

The Department of Theatre and Dance maintains an open audition policy for theatre productions. Non-majors, staff, faculty, and friends may audition, although casting preference is always given to qualified, current, on-track students and to majors.

All participants-even non-students and off-track students-will commit to adhere to BYU-Idaho standards, including dress and grooming standards, while involved with the project.

Without exception, theatre production participants who are current students will be required to take 1-2 credits of TA260R, 360R, or 460R. The syllabi for these courses define the production expectations to the students.

Dress and Grooming:

Students are required to understand and comply with the University dress code as stated in the catalog for all activities on campus. The spirit of the Honor Code encourages neatness, cleanliness, and modesty. In some theatre classes and for rehearsals and performances you are asked to wear clothing or costumes that facilitate the movement required or are suited to the character. It is NOT permissible to wear costumes or rehearsal attire outside of the rehearsal or performance area. Any questions regarding appropriate attire should be directed to the instructor.