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Important Note for Faculty

The Testing Center has used a computer system called SCOUT since 1971 and, as many of you are already aware, this system is beginning to fail. While this failure is mostly occurring behind the scenes, many faculty have already begun to see a marked uptick in missing scores, missing student registrations, and administration difficulties in general. Unfortunately, due to the antiquated technology and nature of the SCOUT system, we are unable to repair most of these problems. 

In an effort to mitigate the risks associated with the deterioration of SCOUT we have acquired a remote proctoring tool called Proctorio. This tool directly replaces the need for SCOUT by proctoring students outside a physical testing center thus providing an appropriate solution to faculty members for the aforementioned complications.

Any exams that are currently proctored on a computer can be very quickly and easily transitioned to Proctorio. Exams that are on bubble sheets that have simple multiple choice, true/false and most essay item types can also be easily transitioned to ILearn and then be proctored through Proctorio. For your information, during the past couple semesters we have proctored over 30,000 exams through Proctorio at BYU-Idaho and have had remarkable success with the tool. An added benefit of going to an I-Learn exam through Proctorio is that exam statistical reports similar to Examstat that helped so many faculty members will be available again.

To help faculty members avoid the inevitable problems that continue to accompany the failure of SCOUT, we strongly encourage all faculty to begin the process of moving their exams out of SCOUT by exploring other testing options as soon as possible. Doing so should prevent increasing stresses on faculty members and the students.

Any faculty member that would like to use Proctorio for their courses will need to first make sure the exams are computer based and then complete the Proctorio Application at this link



Click ”New” in the upper left corner to create a new application.

NOTE: To gain access to Proctorio, exams must meet the following criteria:

  1.    Key Assessments
  2.    Tied to common course outcomes
  3.    Should be common among faculty, sections and modes of delivery
  4.    No more than 5 proctored exams per course

If you have further questions regarding remote proctoring through Proctorio, please contact the Remote Proctoring team at RemoteProctoring@byui.edu.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we attempt to implement a feasible and scalable alternative to the long-term use of SCOUT.  It is our hope that you and your students will have far fewer substantial issues as you transition to Proctorio.