There are two versions of the ACT--Residual and National. Both versions are produced by the same company, and they are essentially the same test. It is important to note that the Residual ACT is only valid at the school where it is taken and scored.

The advantages of taking the Residual ACT at BYU-Idaho are that it is given more often, registration is easier and scores are available sooner. The disadvantage of taking the Residual ACT is that the score is only valid at BYU-Idaho.

To schedule a Residual ACT at BYU-Idaho:

  1. Contact the Admissions Office at 208-496-1300 to request the test.
  2. If approved, pay the ACT Residual Fee through the Admissions Office. Tests cannot be scheduled until the fee is paid.
  3. Schedule a date with the Testing Center by calling our office at (208) 496-1758 . Tests are normally administered on select Thursdays throughout the year at 8:00AM. Requests for another day will be considered.

Note: the Residual ACT is only offered in the months of June, July, and August.

The National ACT is no longer administered at BYU-Idaho. To schedule a time to take the ACT at another approved site, please visit the Official ACT Web Site.