Faculty Testing Help

Read the instructions and fill out the form below to submit your test request

1. Mac Users

In order to submit this form properly, you must open it in Adobe Reader. If you do not already have this free program, click here  to install the newest version.   Once Adobe Reader is installed, please open this form by right-clicking or ctrl-clicking on it and selecting Open with Adobe Reader.

2. PC and Mac Users

Once you click Submit, there are two mail options available.

Desktop Email Application will automatically open your email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.) and attach the form to an email message.  The subject line will be Data from Test Information Sheet or Form Returned.  You are welcome to add additional information (Course #, etc.) to that subject line, but messages with this subject will be a priority.  You may also wish to attach your test and add text to the message itself.  You will need select the Send button to complete this process.

Internet Email (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) will allow you to save the form to your computer so that you can attach it manually to an email message.  (This will also allow you to save the form with your course, name, etc. for future use.  You could save multiple copies for various courses you teach and simply change the test name and dates as needed.)  If you use this option, please make sure Test Information Sheet or Form Returned is part of the subject line in your message.  You may also wish to attach your test to the message.

Click below for forms

Paper/Pencil Testing Form 

In Class Batch Form (Print off)

Please Click Here to fill out a Computer Based Test (CBT) Form or copy and paste the following into the address bar of your browser:


Read the instructions and fill out the form below to submit your test request  

1.         Make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader, and ensure that your MAC or PC is opening in Reader and no other program.

2.         Use Firefox to access it through the web if you choose not to download it to your desktop.

3.         Read ALL the instructions for ease of use.

4.         Click SEND on the email that is generated after clicking the submit button.

5.         Any minor key changes you need to make will NOT require a new key submission, just give us a call at 1751.

The creation of this electronic form allows us to tighten up our security.  From this point forward, we ask that you ONLY submit keys electronically OR in person.  Our student employees will no longer have permission to pick up keys from your office.  If your key is already on file, please note that on your Test Information sheet.

Key Submission Form

1. The deadline for submitting tests is 12:00 noon on the business day before the test is to open.
2. All tests must be scheduled in advance.  Tests are scheduled on a first come first served basis.

3. All final exams will close on the last day of finals.
4. Those who develop assessments for BYU-Idaho have a professional responsibility to abide by state and federal law and the BYU-Idaho copyright policy when using copyrighted materials.

The Testing Center, in conjunction with the Center for Teaching and learning in Provo, makes the following handbooks available to help faculty write better tests.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view these files.