Brigham Young University-Idaho encourages students to test out of courses in which they already have academic knowledge comparable to that gained in collegiate study.

Students may receive Brigham Young University-Idaho credit for CLEP exams as specified by the Registrar's Office. Credit will be posted on the transcript by Department, Course Number, Course Title, Credits Earned, and GE Credit Assigned. No letter grade will be assigned. All classes will be noted as passing ("P" grade). Changes in the minimum scores, fees, and credit allowed at Brigham Young University-Idaho are subject to change by action of the Academic Council. Credit will be recorded on a Brigham Young University-Idaho transcript only after the student has completed one semester as a full-time student at Brigham Young University-Idaho or has earned at least 12 credit hours. Credit earned on CLEP will not be allowed to duplicate credit previously earned through Advanced Placement or prior class work.

Credit approved by Brigham Young University-Idaho will be placed on the official student record indicating the title of the test taken, the credit received, and the official score for the test. The transferability of the CLEP credit depends upon the standard adopted by the receiving institution which may limit the number of credits that can be earned through CLEP and may also require a higher score for credit, for example, Brigham Young University-Provo will not accept CLEP scores below 61 and all CLEP credit posted to another institution's transcript is reevaluated based on Brigham Young University-Provo standards. Students are encouraged to examine the policy statements on file in the Brigham Young University-Idaho Admissions Office and check with other potential institutions of interest for specific credit-by-exam policies.


  • You will need to register for your test online at You will have to make an account with CLEP and bring your voucher number to redeem your test at the Testing Center
  • $10.00 handling fee paid by cash or check (made out to Brigham Young University-Idaho Testing Center) to schedule the test.
Register: First you must pay for your test at . To make an appointment to take your test after you have paid cal (208) 496 - 1760
Reporting address: Testing Center - Manwaring Center - Room 8
Reporting time: By appointment
Questions: Call the Testing Center at (208) 496-1750.
Study Guides: To purchase a study guide go to the Official CLEP Web Page.
ID Requirements: Government Issued Photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Official CLEP scores for tests taken at Brigham Young University-Idaho can be ordered by contacting: CLEP, Box 6601, Princeton, NJ 08541, 609-771-7865 (Brigham Young University-Idaho code 00556)

All CLEP tests are available at the Brigham Young University-Idaho Testing Center. The following is a list of all available CLEP tests. Those accepted for credit at Brigham Young University-Idaho are marked with a minimum score, the Class Course, and Credits accepted.

To Study for a test go to the ETS Study pages.

Visit Records and Registration for the most current information.