Praxis Registration

Studying for the Praxis

Codes Needed for Registration

Test Center: 08392 (Brigham Young University - Idaho) 

Attending Institution: 4657 (BYU-Idaho)

Designated Score Recipient: 1st  (4657-BYU-Idaho) 2nd (other state) 3rd (other state)

State Certifying Institution: 8636 (Idaho State Board of Education)

Registration fee - new

Test takers will be required to pay the registration fee only once during a testing year.  Beginning with the September 2007 test date, a test taker will only have to pay the registration fee the first time they register during the 2007-2008 testing year. Any subsequent registrations within the testing year will not require a registration fee.

Emergency Registration

Emergency registration will replace standby testing. Unlike standby testing, emergency registration will guarantee the test taker a seat.  Test takers who must take a paper/pencil test but have missed the regular and late registration deadline dates, will have an opportunity to use emergency registartion up until the Friday one week prior to the test date. Emergency registration is available only by registering online, and the fee for this service will be $75.