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President McKay taught "No greater responsibility can rest upon any man [or woman], than to be a teacher of God's children" (in Conference Report, Oct. 1916, 57). We believe in programs that integrate theory and best practice. They are rigorous academic programs with a strong theoretical knowledge base and extensive practical experience in public schools. The Teacher Education Department offers degrees in Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education (ECE/ECSE) and Elementary Education. Secondary education majors are housed in content areas across campus with core education courses offered through the Teacher Education Department. All education degrees require an application to officially enter the program and take many of the required classes. Information about the application process, course prerequisites and recommended course sequencing in each area can be found on this site.

Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education

Prepares students to work with typically developing and/or children with special needs from birth through age eight. Students who successfully complete this program will be eligible to apply for the Blended Early Childhood Education/ Early Childhood Special Education Idaho Teaching License, which allows them to teach general or special education classes in kindergarten through third grade. Students may also choose to work with young children and their families in home, agency, and preschool settings. Applied coursework and field work involving children in a variety of settings will prepare students for successful career experiences. Students will demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of skills during four different supervised intervention/teaching experiences: (1) infants and toddlers in home or agency settings, (2) preschoolers in private or public preschools, and (3) kindergarteners in public schools, and (4) first through third grade children in public schools.

Elementary Education

Elementary Education prepares students for teaching children through a series of classes designed to give students the practical knowledge they need to be successful in their careers. Students successfully completing the program will be eligible to apply for a K-8 Idaho Education Teaching License.

Secondary Education

Secondary Education serves many other campus departments that offer secondary teaching majors and minors, by offering a series of classes designed to prepare students to be successful in the secondary public school setting. Secondary education is not a major. Students interested in pursuing secondary certification will select a teaching major and teaching minor or enroll in one of the available composite programs. Students successfully completing a secondary education program will be eligible to apply for the grade 6-12 Idaho Education Teaching License.