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Principal Mars, Robert

Principal: Mars, Robert

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Silverado High School

(702) 799-5790

1650 Silver Hawk Ave.

Las Vegas, NV, 89123

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Our mission at Silverado High School is to provide a safe, supportive and challenging environment in which students will become active, reflective and creative learners who accept responsibility for learning, have pride in their community and are prepared to contribute in a culturally diverse world.

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Silverado currently employs 122 teachers to meet the diverse needs of our students. This number includes the professionals in the counseling department, nurse's office, a computer specialist, and others who provide direct services and system support to our students. The administrative team is a mixture of experience. The principal is in his second year as a high school principal, having previously been a middle school principal. Among the assistant principals one will retire this year, one has many years of experience from previous positions in other high schools, and the other assistant principal was promoted from a dean two years ago.

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