Application Process

Students should apply to student teach up to 18 months before the semester they intend to be placed. Deadlines for application are listed on the Student Teaching page.

To apply and be eligible to be placed in a school for student teaching, the application includes:

  1. Student Teaching Online Application

    This application allows a student to declare their student teaching semester. This must be done before continuing to the Preparation Plan.

  2. Teacher Candidate Preparation Plan (Prep Plan)

    The Prep Plan is a document that gives the status on your completion of your required courses and testing. It will have to be carefully reviewed and signed by you, your Academic Advising Center for your major (and minor, if Secondary Education), and the Field Services Office.

    Please plan on a minimum of ten minutes for each visit.

    Bring your printed Prep Plan and a copy of your approved Grad Plan to your content area Academic Discovery Center to begin the Prep Plan.

  3. Photo

    The photo will be attached to your personal bio, which will be given to potential principals for student teaching.

    The campus photography studio (MCK Library 356) will take your photo. This service is free to you unless you choose to purchase more prints. You may go at any time between 8 am and 5 pm; you do not need an appointment.

    The photo studio will send our office your photo. You do not need to bring it in yourself.

  4. Complete Your Personal Bio

    The personal bio is a brief, one-page essay which may include: family background, interests, skills that will be utilized in teaching, education, and reasons for choosing teaching as a profession. Your personal biography should emphasize your philosophy of teaching. For more details about the bio, please view the application checklist pdf.

    To continue, copy and paste your completed biography into the template below. You will be filling in the grey spaces.

    Biography Template

    We will not accept your personal biography unless it is in this template.

  5. Submit Your Personal Bio

    Send the completed template as an attachment to

    It is a wise idea to save your completed template to your computer for backup.

  6. Background Clearance for the State of Idaho (Fingerprinting)

    All Education majors must be fingerprinted for Idaho regardless of their intended destination for student teaching or career teaching.


    Field Services Office. (HIN 325)


    Must be completed prior to the application deadline for the semester you plan to student teach.


    No appointment needed. Come to the Field Services Office between 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

    Photo ID

    Government-issued ID: driver's license, a state issued photo ID, passport, a military card with a photo included, etc. . .

    Utah and Arizona Student Teachers

    You will be asked to complete a second set of fingerprints if you are student teaching in Arizona or Utah. This will occur after you have applied and have been assigned.

Student Teaching placements will not be considered until all of the above application requirements have been met.

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