Preschool (ECSE)


Preschool : Preschool Teaching Practicum

 ECD 360L       (Must be taken with ECD 360)

The preschool practicum is open to Junior and Senior ECSE Majors only unless permission is granted from one of the ECSE faculty. Students will receive knowledge and practical, hands-on experience working with preschool aged children both with and without special needs and their families in a campus lab setting with a home visit component. In the lab child focused planning will be determined by family collaboration, assessment, family identified goals and outcomes, and/or Individualized Education Programs (IEP) identified goals and outcomes, and child interest. This course will prepare the student to have experiential use and application of core principle including developmental appropriate practices, preschool curriculum development and implementation, child guidance, observation and assessment, and collaboration with parents and others.  This course is a co-requisite to ECD 360: Early Childhood Development: Preschool Core Principles.