Partner School Interviews

   Basic Info about the Interviews


  • Partner School Interviews are like a job interview. You should be professional and come prepared. Your student teaching placement will be determined by your interviews.
  • If you will not be in the Southeast Idaho area on these dates, we highly recommend that you find a way to come. If you are unable to attend, Google+ interviews will be arranged.

 How to Prepare

  • Mark the date
  • Start preparing your resume. If you need help please contact the Career Services center on campus.
  • Attend mock/practice interviews through the Career Services center on campus. 

  • Create your Career Navigator profile (this is the program that is used to schedule interviews).
  • Upload your personal bio (that the Field Services Office emailed you upon completion) and your resume. If you do not have a copy of your personal bio, email to request a copy.
  • Bring your practicum name tag to the interviews. 
  • Watch for an email about how to schedule interviews.
  • Research the schools that will be represented by clicking HERE.