Frequently Asked Questions

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1.     What is the Field Services Office?

aWhat is the Field Services Office?

i. The Field Services Office is a part of the Teacher Education Department.  It creates, supports, and administers all field placements associated with students in all education programs: secondary education (SECED), elementary education (ELED), special education (SPED), and early childhood education/early childhood special education blended (ECSE). Field experiences include practicums, student teaching, and internships. This office also works with the Academic Discovery Center (ADC) and Teacher Education Department for career placements, surveys, assessments, and accreditation.

bWhere is the Field Services Office located?

i. We are in the Hinckley building room 325.

cWhat are your office hours?                                                    

iWe are open Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

2Student Teaching Preparation Process

aHow do I get started on my Student Teaching Preparation Process?                                                  

i. Go to our main web page and click on the icon labeled Student Teaching Preparation Process. Follow the directions on this page.

bHow soon can I start the Preparation Process?                                                  

i. It is never too early to start the process. We advise the students to give themselves enough time to finish it before the Preparation Process due date.  We encourage you to complete it early.

cWhat are the available student teaching semesters?                                                  

i. All majors can apply for any semester (Fall, Winter, Spring). However Secondary spots are limited in the Spring and are by invitation only, after participation in Partner School Interviews. 

3Approved Grad Plan

aHow do I complete a Grad Plan?                                                  

i. Log on to MyBYUI. Click on the Student tab, Degree Information, and the Graduation Planner. Follow the directions to complete and submit your Grad Plan. The approval process may take up to two weeks, plan accordingly.

b. What do I do when my Grad Plan has been approved                                                  

i. Email the Field Services Office ( to notify them of the approval. Include in that email the Target student teaching semester on your Grad Plan.

cWhat if the Grad Planner tool does not work?                                                  

i. Contact your content area ADC for questions about the Grad Plan tool. 

4.     Fingerprinting

aWhere can I get my fingerprinting done?                                                  

i. Please come to the BYU-Idaho Field Services office (HIN 325).

b. What if I am living in a different state and need to get my fingerprinting done?                                                  

i. Email the Field Services office ( with your current mailing address and a fingerprinting packet for the State of Idaho can be mailed to you to complete at your local police station.

cWhat do I need to bring when coming to get my finger prints done?                                                  

i. A form of government-issue ID (for example: driver's license or passport). 

dHow soon can I get them done?                                                  

i. You can come in and get them done anytime within our office hours (M-F, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM) after you apply for student teaching. You do not need an appointment, but the process will take about 20 minutes.

eDo I need to come in more than once if I have been placed a different state?                                                  

i. Only students placed in Arizona and Utah will need to be fingerprinted again. Those students will be emailed with further instructions after their student teaching placement has been made.

5.     Photographs 

aWhere do I go for my student teaching photograph?                                                  

i. The campus photography studio (MCK Library 356) will take your photo. This service is free to you unless you choose to purchase more prints. You may go at any time between 8 am and 5 pm; you do not need an appointment. The studio employees send the photographs directly to the Field Services office; you do not need to acquire your photo and bring it to us.

bWhat should I wear?                                                  

i. Professional attire- as if you were teaching a class.  No t-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts. Men are asked to wear dress shirts and ties. Women are asked to wear professional clothes as well.  Often, lace on tops or undershirts can appear to be underclothing.

cWho will see the photo?                                                  

i. Your photo will be included in your bio.  Principals from partner schools, district contacts, area coordinators, supervisors, and mentor teachers will see your bio with the photo included. 

7. Practicum

a. Where do I go to ask about practicums?                                                  

i. Please contact Sister Reed in Hinckley 353.

8Praxis Exams

aWhat test do I sign up for?                                                  

i. Required PRAXIS exams can change without notice. You will be able to find the most accurate information at You can also contact your content area ADC for specific test questions.

b. When should I take the Praxis?                                                  

i. Take it early enough so that there is time to retake it if needed.  It is sometimes advised that you sign up for two Praxis dates in case the first Praxis is failed. If you pass the first time, ETS will refund you for the second date. Foreign language students need to check extra early because of limited seating and limited testing dates. Remember you cannot student teach without passing all your Praxis exams.

9Partner School Interviews

aWhen are the Interviews?                                                  

i. If you are student teaching in the Spring you will interview January through mid-February. If you are student teaching in the Fall or Winter semesters, you will interview at the end of April.

bWhat do I need to bring when I interview?                                                  

i. You are required to bring your Personal Bio. It is recomended that you wear practicum nametag if you still have it.

cWho will I be interviewing with?                                                  

i. Principals and/or Area Coordinators from our partner schools

dHow do I schedule my interview?                                                  

i.      Prior to the interviews our office will send out an email with directions on scheduling.

eIs there a place to get help with my resume and interview skills?                                                  

i. The Career Services office on campus provides several services, including help with resumes and interviews. Visit their webpage for more information:


aHow do I request a specific placement?                                                  

i. Student teaching placements will be made at the discretion of our Partner schools and Partner Districts following the Interviews. Interview with the school(s) in which you are most interested. It is highly recommended that you interview with more than one school, and with more than one district, in the event that you are not extended an invitation by the one that is your first choice. Take the time to go to our web page and investigate all of our partner schools so that you can make informed decisions as to what schools to approach for an interview.

bHow long until I know the school where I am placed?                                                  

i. We send the information as soon as we receive it, but it should not be less than a few weeks before your student teaching experience begins.

c. How soon will I know who my mentor teacher is?                                                  

i. Just as with the knowledge of your school, you receive the information as soon as we receive it.  For some, you may not know who your mentor teacher is until you start your student teaching experience.

dHow do I know where I am going to live?                                                  

i. There is approved housing for the single teacher candidates.  For questions regarding housing, please contact Marc Sunderland (208-496-9222) in the Housing Department.  Married students can also contact Housing for help or advice in searching for housing.

eWhat if I am not placed with a partner school?                                                  

i. If you are not placed in a partner school, you will be placed in a school in the surrounding area. 

f. Can I student teach when I am off-track?                                                  

i. Yes.

gHow long is the student teaching experience?                                                  

i. Student teaching assignments start and finish dates vary depending on the school and semester. Student teaching dates follow the district's semester which is different than the BYU-Idaho semester duration.  Your student teaching experience will be anywhere from 14 to 20 weeks.  The fall semester can start as early as August and continue through December, the winter semester can begin at the beginning of January and conclude as late as mid-May, and the spring semester's duration can continue from April through August. Teacher candidates are expected to participate in teacher in-service and work days, as well as parent teacher conferences. District and school specific student teaching dates will be sent to all education students via email during the semester prior to the start of your student teaching assignment.

11The Teacher Placement File (or the Career Placement File)

a. What is the Teacher Placement File?                                                  

i. This is a file with letters of recommendation from your university supervisors and mentor teacher(s).  This also includes the student's summative evaluation(s) from their student teaching.  Most employers require this file when considering a new hire for their school district.

bHow do I get my Teacher Placement File?                                                  

i. Simply email the Field Services office: Please include your name, student teaching semester, I-number, and email address that you would like the file sent to.


aWhy should I certify in the State of Idaho?                                                  

i. Reciprocal agreements between most states in the union augment the process of obtaining licensure from other states if licensed in Idaho.

bIf I don't plan on teaching in Idaho, what does my alternate state require?  What is the process of applying for other states? 

i. The graduate is responsible to research alternate states personally for individual state requirements.

cWhen can I apply for my Idaho teaching certificate?                                                  

i. After the posting of your BYU - Idaho degree, which is usually two to three weeks following graduation.

d. How do I apply to be certified?                                                  

i. Please go to the Field Services Office Certification webpage: Click on the "Certification PowerPoint Presentation" and watch the PowerPoint. It will give you the information you need. 

e. Who do I send the B-2 form to? Do I get a copy? Explain the process of the B-2 form.                                                  

i. The institutional Recommendation is a form received from BYU-Idaho that verifies that the graduate has met all requirements from the State of Idaho and BYU-Idaho.  It includes the following information: Personal information (name, address, social security #, etc.) Educational information (endorsement and student teaching information) Testing information (Praxis results, etc.) Completion of program verification
This form may be obtained by submitting a request from the Field Services web site:  Click on "Institutional Recommendation (B-2)" to request your recommendation after graduation.  Please do not bring in a copy of the B-2 form for our office to fill out; we will not accept it.  Your degree must be posted before requesting the institutional recommendation.  You will receive two copies of the completed B-2: one is for your personal record, and the other is to be sent to the State of Idaho.  Save a copy of your completed B-2 for your reference.

f. How do I send a form to get certified for a different state?                                                  

i. Students are responsible to research the requirements for the state they wish to be certified in.  If your state requires a different form that needs to be filled out by BYU-Idaho's education certification officer, Sister Frongner, please email it to

g. What if I am student teaching and am applying for jobs in other states but I am not certified, who do I contact?

i. Answers may vary depending on the situation and location. Research the state requirements for the specific location for which you are making application.