Secondary Ed Core

Core Classes

ED 200: Education (Historical and Philosophical Perspective) Cornerstone class for secondary teachers. It's goal is to develop firm education roots through understanding historical events, theories and philosophy of education, broadened perspectives, and enlightened discernment. 

ED 304: Development, Cognition, and Understanding This course uses social science, cognitive neuroscience, and the study of Christ as a master teacher to explore child and adolescent development. Students will identify principles that promote understanding and guide the creation of meaningful learning experiences. They will be able to identify teaching strategies that promote thoughtfulness in the effective and cognitive domains. 

ED 461: Content Area Reading and Assessment II This course will immediately follow a student's student teaching semester, but in conjunction with general secondary methods courses. Students are taught assessment first planning and develop the ability to facilitate learning. Students will continue development of general teaching abilities with a focus on selection and creation of learner appropriate curriculum materials. The lab requires 25-30 hours per semester in local secondary schools.

ED 492: Student TeachingThis course is the capstone of the academic and professional training of a pre-service teacher. This practicum will last 12 weeks and will be completed in the public school classroom. A weekly forum will be held in which student teachers can address challenges and concerns and share experiences, expertise, and successes. The student teaching experience may take place at a distant site (Las Vegas, South Salt Lake, Davis County, Mesa, Boise)

SPED 360: Exceptional Students: Grade 6-12An introductory course to Special education for Secondary Education majors. Students will learn the history, laws, and assessment of common exceptionalities encountered in secondary school classrooms. Students will also learn about resources, classroom management, and appropriate teaching practices.