Hinckley Building

Discovery Center, Career & Academic Advising

Hinckley 309

Team Lead Advisor: Debbie Willis  208.496.9850

Career Navigator

Welcome! We are now using Career Navigator for all BYU-Idaho career-related postings and job searches.

You'll find it's easy to register and navigate, the database has many features for your career-related needs.

Students and Graduates:

  • Create a profile, upload a resume and other career documents
  • Search for employers and positions by interest, location, or job discription
  • Apply for jobs and submit documents online


  • Create a profile and take the opportunity to tell students about your organization, mission, etc.
  • Post jobs and have students apply online
  • Review resumes, schedules interviews and more!

We appreciate your interest in careers and career services for Teacher Education students.

Click here to get started now!

Academic Discovery Center

Advising on course sequence and requirements for specific programs is headed by the Academic Discovery Center. Department Faculty members can still give advise and guidance, but with the changes in each program and calendar year, to ensure all I's are dotted and T's are crossed students are encouraged to visit with the academic discovery center.