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History (M,m)

Faculty: Duane Adamson, Ruth Arnell, Sean Cannon, Ryan Crisp, Jerry, Hansen, Shawn Johansen, Michael Lenhart, Hyrum Lewis, Gary Marshall, Robert Marrott, David Peck, David Pigott, David Pulsipher, Andrea Radke-Moss, Eugene Thompson, Eric Walz


Department Description

The goal of History at BYU-Idaho is to encourage students to develop a solid understanding of United States, European, and World History, and a sense of the complexities of human experience. This History Department offers BA degrees in History, History Education, and Social Science Education Composite. The department also sponsors a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honors Society. Upon graduation students should have a capacity to do quality research—using primary and secondary source materials— along with strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. In addition, History Education graduates should have developed a sizeable repertoire of lessons, pedagogies, and approaches to history for teaching at the secondary level.

Department of History offers BA degrees in:


--History Education

--Social Science Education Composite