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Chemistry (M,m)

Faculty: Hector A. Becerril-Garcia, David Collins, John Cullen, Ryan DaBell, Amy Hanks, Brian Lemon, Les Manner, Stephen Ott, Kendall Peck, Mark Pugh, Nathan Rawlinson, Shane Ruebush, Ryan Sargeant, Kerensa Sorensen-Stowell, Susan Ward, Noel Zaugg


Department Description

Chemistry is the study of matter, energy and their transformations. Its principles serve as a theoretical basis for a wide variety of fields such as agriculture, biology, dentistry, engineering, geology, medicine, nutrition, and physics. In addition, its analytical and logical approach to the world is excellent training for fields such as law and government.


Studying chemistry at Brigham Young University–Idaho is a unique and rewarding experience. The faculty are experienced and well trained. Their commitment to students and teaching, coupled with small class sizes, provide an excellent learning environment.



The Department of Chemistry offers two degrees:

--Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry

--Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry Education