Geology and Earth Science

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Geology and Earth Science (M,m)

Faculty: Robert Clayton, Forest Gahn, Ben Jordan, Bill Little, Mark Lovell, Dan Moore , Julie Willis


Department Description

Geology offers students career opportunities both as professional geologists and as teachers in secondary education (Earth Science). Both career paths are currently in high demand. Graduates in Earth Science are employable with their bachelor’s degree while the professional geologist’s track generally requires a graduate degree.


The education major provides greater flexibility in choosing where to live. In addition to our major programs, we are also home for a minor in geology and education minors in Earth Science and Natural Science. The education Natural Science minor is especially attractive for individuals planning to teach in smaller school districts. Within the State of Idaho, upon successful completion of required exams the candidate is able to teach all science categories.


Most geoscience concepts are best understood by leaving the classroom and spending time studying the rocks and geologic features where they exist. Field trips off-campus provide students field experiences, enabling them to experience geologic features first hand. The unique location of BYU-Idaho offers an exceptional opportunity to study geology. Our students study at some of the most famous geologic localities in the world. Local and regional field trips to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Nation Parks, Snake River Plain volcanic and hydrologic features, Hebgen Lake and Borah Peak earthquake localities, and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, provide for more effective learning, enhanced student understanding of geologic processes, and a superior preparation for future careers.


In addition to the major programs, the Department of Geology offers two minors:

--Minor in geology

--Education minors in Earth Science and Natural Science