Theatre and Speech

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Theatre and Speech (C,M,m)

Faculty: Justin Bates, Gary Benson, Richard Clifford, Roger Merrill, Hyrum Conrad, Susan Whitfield, Omar Hansen

Mission Statement

The Department of Theatre and Dance is committed to building on the mission of Brigham Young University-Idaho and of the College of Performing and Visual Arts. Our highest aim is to embrace talented students from throughout the Church and provide them spiritual and academic opportunities in all aspects of the creative process of theatre. This can be achieved within an environment that fosters both individual creativity and committment to the principles of the restored Gospel. We are committed to training artists and disciple leaders--in various theatrical disciplines--who are prepared for lifelong learning, and who continually cultivate empathy and critical thinking that will empower them as artists, parents, and citizens.


Guiding Principles



Recognizing the role artistic expression and culture has in changing lives, our graduates will provide leadership that serves and inspires in their families, in the Church, in their communities, and in their art. We provide a student-centered training environment that supports the development of a high standard of personal and professional ethics where students feel safe to take artistic and academic risks and enjoy a wholesome sociality. Everyone is a teacher and a learner.



We will support the unique voice of each student and work towards a unified vision of our goals. Working together, we will value the contributions and accomplishments of the individual student and of the ensemble.



We will provide current, comprehensive training in discipline-specific emphases offered through a curriculum that integrates academic rigor with production-based techniques. With a sure sense of the value of hard work in our lives, we will pursue excellence and challenge each other to risk failure. We will strive to make the Department of Theatre and Dance at BYU-Idaho the place for young, gifted, and disciplined artists throughout the Church to pursue truth and excellence.  



 We will nourish imagination and inspiration as we master the components of creating and telling great stories of all genres. We recognize the desire to create as one of the finer aspects of our nature and a characteristic we inherited from our Heavenly Father.



We will recognize the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage living its principles while joyfully embracing the differences that enrich our department and enhance our artistry.


The Department of Theatre offers:

--Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Speech Education

--Minor in Theatre and Speech education